As a Fan.... Season 2, Episode #17: France vs. Spain VAR decision and World Cup Qualifying

This week we dive into the UEFA Nations League final and how VAR decision tilted the game toward the eventual champions. This week is World Cup Qualifying round, again!! At time of recording there are only 2 qualified teams that will join hosts Qatar. We talked about the next teams that can get there by end of this international break. In our CONCACAF area we talked about the big teams that are dominating and how all 3 (Mexico, US, Canada) are starting to pull away from the pack to punch their automatic ticket, leaving the playoff ticket for the rest of the 5 teams in the fight. We have another fan email. Our fan asks us about the transfer fees and player contracts. Beer of episode: Sam Adams Brewery Oktoberfest, 5.3%, 15 IBU; Boston, MA Reach us at:, our website or in our social media

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