As a Fan.... Season 2, Episode #16: The Newcastle Episode or The Money episode

FIFA22 is here people!!! And I have created a character to play in career mode We talk about the Liverpool vs. Manchester City game that was a thrilling game and so far the EPL game of the season. This also brought in a domino effect that saw the biggest clubs in other league losing. All of Bayern Munich, PSG, Real Madrid and Barcelona lose their games. Talking about Barcelona financial outcome from their CEO press conference. We are in International Break. IN CONMEBOL Brazil is 3-points away from qualification, CONCACAF US hosts Jamaica, Canada goes to Azteca to play Octagonal Leaders Mexico. In Europe, this week we saw the UEFA Nations League Semi-Finals between Belgium vs France, and Italy vs Spain. The news of the season is that Newcastle United FC has now been acquired by the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund, and now the clubs financial backing is 13 times more than the previous big club (Manchester City). Lots of discussions and talks in this episode about this. We have another fan email. Our fan asks us if there could be a mid-level team to break the deadlock from the big clubs and win the League or qualify to Champions League. Beer of episode: Sam Adams Brewery Oktoberfest, 5.3%, 15 IBU; Boston, MA Bourbon of episode: Pinhook Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey, 47.5% (95 proof); Frankfort, KY. Reach us at:, our website or in our social media

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