As a Fan.... Season 2, Episode #15: This is Sheriff’s world; CONCACAF updated league; and finding another team.

Let’s start talking the new CONCACAF Champions League format for 2023. This new format will increase from 16 to 27 teams to qualify for competition. It will also create two new Qualifier Cups to give teams in Caribbean and Central American countries more chances to compete in the biggest club competition in this area. It also gives Canadian teams, not in MLS, a chance to participate. But also half of the 27 teams are from LigaMX and MLS automatic spots. What a week!!! Shocker games with upsets, goals overload in some games, BIG teams loosing, big players showing up, and overall a good Champions League week. Send us your best football/soccer inspired halloween pictures. We have another fan email. Our fan asks us about the Bi-Annual World Cup and reasons why that is, or is not, happening. Their second question is about a World Champions League Tournament and it would make sense. Finally another of our listeners, Alex, reached out to help them find a team. Cider of episode: Kekionga Crisp (Apple), 5%; Fort Wayne, IN Cider of episode: Kekionga Honeymoon Baby (Pineapple), 5%; Fort Wayne, IN Cider of episode: Kekionga Peterson Pear (Pear), 5.5%; Fort Wayne, IN Cider of episode: Kekionga Watermelon Gumballs (Watermelon), 4.5%; Fort Wayne, IN Reach us at:, our website or in our social media

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