As a Fan.... Season 1, Episode #30: Happy May 4th, Some return of football, getting to know our guest, and more

We are back hosting another episode to talk about all things football/soccer, or at least what is available during this pandemic, from a fan point of view. Dan and Jaime welcome return guest Greg. We start with good news of the week!. Italian clubs are going back to training. Sassuolo leading the way as the first team to announce the return of players to training. Bundesliga was not granted clearance from Germany’s Health Department to start games May 9, but rather re-assess a new date when to start as the next couple of weeks their COVID-19 strategy is progressing. We talked about how would teams get hurt if this is decided, specially in cases where relegation salvation is reachable. Some league have about 10 games to finish their season, and that’s 30 points up for grabs. Kevin De Bruyne has now confirmed that his future in Man City will rely on the UEFA decision on the 2-year ban. Last news topic, is about a possible starting XI a Newcastle United acquisition may mean for their team based on players that are, soon out of contract, looking for more minutes, looking for a team, or stars in the position for a new rich team. Finally we are introducing a profile of our guest Greg.

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