As a Fan.... Season 1, Episode #28: Most influential players in our life, and more

This Episode started the hosts and a guest taking on the world on soccer while this virus is stopping all sports around the world. We start by the news that the USSF is closing their mens and women’s academies. This is in partial due to clubs having their own academies to develop talent within a club and not relying as much on USSF academies to grow players.. We also talked about FC Barcelona making another try at getting Neymar during Summer transfer, and also Lautaro Martinez from Inter Milan. Due to Juventus financial limitations due to the Corona Virus, they need to move player in order stay afloat. An easy fix is to sell Ronaldo, but the question is who would buy? Jaime has the answer. For this episode we decided to talk about the 3 most influential players that have made a mark in our football/soccer life. These 3 players are define is these categories: 1) Player that got you into the sport; 2) Player that motivated you and made you look at the sport differently; 3) Player that has change the way you think and feel about the sport

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