As a Fan.... Season 1, Episode #27: The Favorite kits episode, and more

Both hosts are in studio talking about the beautiful game, while enduring this quarantine and stay-home prevention and we have guest of the show and Dan’s best man Alex.. We talk about the few leagues still playing, behind close doors, and the problems the players are facing as player don’t want to play and leagues are forcing them to play. Players have now taken pay cuts to support the clubs employees. The biggest pay cut was in Barcelona FC that their players took a 70% pay cut, in order for the rest of the club employees to keep their full wages. Other clubs, like Liverpool FC, went ahead and furlough their employees before cutting player wages, which backfire as the club is one of the richest in the world; while other clubs are finding it difficult to stay financially alive and may be force to declare bankruptcy. We then talk about supporting a team that is not big and flashy but rather supporting a team the can really use any kind of support. For host Jaime, this team would be the Forest Green Rovers of League 2 in England; guest Alex would be involved in a team where his last name origin is from and support their local team; for host Daniel he would rather invest in different clubs that are smaller and can use the support, starting with the Indy 11 from USL. For this episode we are talking about our favorite 5 kits (jerseys) of all time. Starting from #5 to our top #1

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