As a Fan.... Season 1, Episode #25: Boca River Champion in Argentina, Corona Virus, and more

Both hosts are in studio talking about the beautiful game. We start talking about the fallout of Corona Virus around the world and how that affects our sport. We give our thoughts and proposal about how FIFA should be proactive helping small teams and lower leagues as the organization moves towards the future. 
Boca is crowned champion of Argentina giving Daniele De Rossi his first and only Club League Title. With Roma hi only got Coppa Italia, Supercoppa Italia and 2006 World Cup. We talked about the US Women’s National Team and their title in the She Believes Cup. How this tournament was great for the team and how they have more tools to defend their lawsuit against the USSF. New development in the lawsuit have been made public and does not look good to USSF and its president Cordeiro. Here is the video about Colo Colo club walking on the pitch with dogs: Our Mystery Kit was purchased from AwayDays. If you are interested in getting a mystery kit from a club, be sure to check They have lots of different products that the B3 Network Podcast hosts definitely buy again. We review the most important games from the previous week before finishing with our MUST/MISS section where we suggest games that our listeners should follow during this international break... or not follow.

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